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One goal of our program is to ensure that our interns are aware of the work context that awaits them. As members of the millennial generation, our interns enter the workforce with a backdrop and set of expectations that have been set by those who have come before them.

In order to level set our interns, we run them through a series of interactive exercises where they comment on various articles that describe the positive and negative aspects of employing a millennial.  The interns use the capabilities of our LinkedIn group forum to comment on each article and then comment on each other’s comments. Through this interactive dialogue, the interns become aware of the risks and rewards that each business faces when making the decision to employ them.

A sample of the articles that we require the interns to read, review, and comment on include the following:

Positive articles on employing Millennials

Cautionary articles on employing Millennials

It is our goal to ensure that the interns from the C-Legs program embody the traits of a positive millennial and avoid the traits of a negative millennial employee.