Volunteer Day

The C-Legs summer internship program is about more than just professional work. We believe strongly that our interns need to give back to others.

The way we accomplish this is to hold an event in early June that is a mandatory attendance for all interns. In this event the interns gather together and accomplish it significant activity of humanitarian nature.

In the past interns have accomplished the following in this one-day event:

  • Built a habitat for humanity house
  • Spent the day cleaning the grounds of the Benedictine monastery in Conyers, Georgia
  • Feed the poor in a soup kitchen Conducted a field day around the houses of elderly citizens

In addition to accomplishing the work assigned to them on that day, the interns also receive a talk by a priest or religious woman, and they have an opportunity to attend mass prior to the work.  After the work is accomplished, the interns have a social event where they get to know each other better, strengthen the bonds of their class, and build the mystique that surrounds the program.