Personal Profile

Once enrolled, the next step is for an intern to attend a webinar delivered by the Program Coordinator. This webinar is about an hour in length and is delivered on a Sunday
afternoon at a time convenient for all the college students. The webinar covers three main products:

1. Building your personal brand through a compelling and rich media focused LinkedIn profile. We also covered the need to groom your other social platforms to ensure that the content is consistent with your new brand and appropriate to a young professional worker.

2. Creating a 1 to 2 minute personal video which is used to introduce the intern to a potential business, merchandise themselves in a compelling way, and provide potential employers with a meaningful insight into what an intern might look like, talk like, and act like in a business capacity.

3. Crafting or upgrading their personal resume. Resumes are usually a least common denominator document used to assess candidates for a role in a company. The interns in the C-Legs program to use their resume to differentiate themselves from other college students because our resumes visually compelling, Rich media focused, and give a potential employer holistic view of the college student.

After watching this webinar, each intern has about 2 months to complete their LinkedIn profiles, shoot a video, and draft a resume. This activity usually takes until late November or early December.