Training Webinars

Forming the Leaders of Tomorrow

The C-Legs summer internship program has existed long enough for us to realize that college interns need training prior to arriving on site. We are able to fill this gap by conducting a series of remote webinars on Sunday afternoons which cover topics that are relevant to an intern preparing for their summer internship.

The webinars include an informative PowerPoint based presentation which is delivered by the program coordinator, followed by a detailed Q&A session where any questions are addressed to ensure that participants understand the topic. Each webinar session is recorded for later use by the interns as they interact with their mentor and prepare for their placement.

Through this diverse webinar program, held from November through February, we prepare our interns for the professional challenges they will face in the workplace.

The topics covered by these webinars include:

Developing your Personal Profile

Interviewing with your Prospective Employer

Appropriate Communication in the Workplace

Passcode: 9rC98@mZ

Understanding your Responsibilities as an Intern

Time Management and Persuading a Business Audience