Forming the Leaders of Tomorrow

The C-Legs internship program commences in early September. Whether the program has been introduced to potential candidates through referrals from previous C-Legs graduates, recommendations from sponsoring high schools, word of mouth through friends or family members, or online sources, anyone in college is welcome to apply.

Prospective candidates interested in participating in the program are required to complete the below application form. This application covers various aspects of the candidate’s life, covering their intellectual pursuits, spiritual formation, apostolic and volunteer engagements, athletic endeavors, and human development. Each application undergoes a thorough review and is compared against our “Ideal Intern Profile.”

Upon successful acceptance, the potential intern receives an invitation to join the program. This is the start of their transformative journey.

Apply here:

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(Describe your family, faith, interests, friends, virtues, skills, etc…)
(Describe your apostolic participation and role. Further identify whose life did you effect and how.)
(Describe your spiritual formation and what your faith means to you. Project how your spiritual life will manifest itself in society.)
(Describe your character and what virtues most exemplify yourself. How have these virtues manifested themselves in your life?)
(Describe your academic and extra-curricular experience and achievement)
(Describe your work experiences and roles.)