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Dive into the long history of talent that has defined the C-Legs Internship Program. It’s like a digital yearbook, but more interactive! Here are all the exceptional individuals who have participated in C-Legs and defined its success over the years. From 2009 until today there have been 148 interns who have found success through the C-Legs Internship Program!


Mario Hoffmeister

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Eric Quintana

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Zach Carlisle

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Jim Chapin

E.J. Buetel

Brian McDermott

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Santi Duran


Alexandra (Nikki) Thatcher

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Thomas Flores-Alvarez

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Liam Buchanan


Samuel (Buder) Swygman

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Christina Drapeau

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Enrique Perez

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Graciela Figueiras

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Jackson Wearne

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Jessica Swygman

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Johnny Mulholland

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Mariana Lacouture

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Veronica Agrippina

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Meghan Gallamore

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Alex Dhabliwala

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Here are some Testimonials from our interns over the years

Intern Testimonials

Over the three years I have been in the program, I have learned an immense amount in many different fields. The real life, hands on experience I have gained through the C-Legs internship program has been absolutely priceless.

Sean Andry

The C-Legs program gave me a great internship opportunity at a fantastic company, which has challenged me and instilled in me great experiences which I can develop and carry on through the rest of my business career.

Christopher Birozes

Being on a silent retreat away from distractions was a great reminder for me to make time to listen to God and allow him to show me his plan.

Simon Cassar

Going on the retreat was an awesome experience. I didn’t realize how much I needed it until I was there.

Gabi Elias

Over I went in a little skeptical of the retreat, because I did not know how a retreat would help me through an internship process. However, the priest who spoke during the retreat had a powerful message about identity that did apply to the process of an internship. Having a strong sense of identity will help students in interviews and in navigating the work space. I thoroughly enjoyed this retreat, and I hope others will too.

Bridget Gallamore

The C-Leg’s Women’s Winter Retreat of 2017 was an amazing experience that I’m so happy to have been able to participate in. Father Brock is an amazing man and I’ll never forget meeting and talking with him. He made me question and see things I’d previously never thought about before, which is an impressive feat considering I tend to be stubborn when it comes to my religious beliefs. The entire retreat made me question, ponder and learn, all immeasurable gifts at this time in my life. I want to thank everyone who worked and put time into the retreat, it helped me more than you all know.

Katie Gallamore

C-Legs effectively introduced me to the vast ocean of the professional world while still allowing me to earn money to put towards my college education. An extensive amount of preparation was required on my part to be a part of the program, but this effort was certainly worth what I got out of both the internship and the program.

Michael Houlihan

The Ignatian style silent retreat put on by the C-Legs program and given by Father Edward Hopkins was an absolute game changer. It covered so many important areas of spirituality, and was a great way to prepare for the birth of Christ, as well as the new year. It is always so refreshing to be able to participate in this retreat, and I look forward to the next one I can be fortunate enough to go on.

Patrick Houlihan

This retreat was invaluable in the fact that it allowed me time for introspection and reflection, something that often gets passed by in the busy life of a college student. I was able to really focus on how God was speaking to me, without the background noise of the usual hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Kinsey Kotscher

When Jesus was put on this earth he did everything that man did, every humanly thing. It is our responsibility to know the heart of  Jesus and to know what he expects of us. Do not stray when tempted with earthly pleasures. Jesus was tempted in the desert and denied the devil. We should strive to be like him when faced with temptations of this earth.

Tim MacCarrick

In the modern age our senses are overwhelmed throughout the day, there’s not a lot of time left for reflection. The prolonged silence of the retreat is a very novel experience and provides an environment to really get to know oneself spiritually.

Will Matray

The C-Legs program has taught me how to differentiate myself from other millennials and to stay true to my core values when I enter the job market.

Gabriel McCabe

This is my first year with the program and I have gotten much more out of it than I bargained for. Not only has it opened up avenues to internships and connections for me in an amazing way, but it has also been uniquely and specifically structured to teach me skills and knowledge to help me succeed, not only in my internships, but also my future in the business world.

Bryan Metz

The C-Legs program has taught me the expectations and protocol of a leader in today’s professional world.

John Paul Metz

The C-Legs program has catalyzed my personal and professional development far beyond what I would’ve been capable of accomplishing on my own. It has opened doors that would’ve otherwise been locked. My career owes a great deal of its success to the program.

Kevin Metz

Going through a condensed, intense, and highly impact Ignatian meditation allowed us to deeply reflect on the will of God. I personally found the personalized meditation and uncommon silence to be very practical, drastically changing my following habits in a way I believe is leading me closer to Jesus Christ. I would highly recommend this retreat to college men who want to further strengthen their Christian lives or are seeking spiritual guidance.

Alex Moldenhawer

Silence is a food you don’t realize you’re hungry for until you take a bite. With a life filled with so much noise, I was grateful for the chance to focus on Christ and the life of my soul, and let my anxiety about the future melt into the backdrop of lake, forest, and sky. Fr. Hopkins has a wealth of spiritual knowledge that I am ever grateful for.

Eamon Mulholland

The silence of the retreat came at an important time, just finishing a hard semester of college, and it was a good way to start the Christmas season. It brought me to the conclusion to focus more on school, but more importantly focus more on God.  The silent retreat was a great way for me to reconnect with God.

John Paul Nelson

The silent retreat portion of the C-Legs program was a magnificent opportunity reflect and grow closer to Christ through the power of silence and guided spiritual exercises. My experience was outstanding and I felt like a new person leaving the retreat.  At first, I was unsure of what to expect from a silent retreat but after having experienced it, I would suggest it to anyone.

Liam O’Neil

I found that the retreat was very relaxing and provided lots of time for reflection and self-pray. It was great getting to have one on one spiritual direction with one of the consecrated. I was nervous at first when I found out that it was a silent retreat, but it turned out to be a great break from how busy day to day life is.

Isabel O’Neil

The silent retreat was a new experience for me, and the silence profoundly affected the way I took in the messages of the weekend. It allowed me to freely reflect and go deeper in thought about how the topics had meaning in my life. One thought that stood out for me in a special way was the importance of brotherhood. The world is too strong for each of us to take on alone, and often times the community we surround ourselves with can play a vital role in our development.

Patrick Smith

I found that completely emerging myself into prayer was more difficult than I anticipated although I gave my best effort and have since increased my everyday prayer life so as to maintain a sense of closeness to God. Through this retreat, I have received grace which has assisted in not only my spiritual growth but also the growth of those around me.

Jonathan Spillane

At the beginning and end of each day, Christ should always come first, for He is the reason individuals are in existence. It is easy to get caught up in the trials of the day – that never-ending list simply gets in the way and Christ ends up being the last thing on that list. The C-Legs internship retreat opened my eyes to the realization that no matter how busy you get, there should always be time in your schedule to give back to Christ.

Megan Spillane

The Clegs Program has helped me in making a well-constructed and well-designed resume that will grab the attention of employers. I had trouble before figuring out what to write down for my resume, but now, with their help, I am confident that my resume will stand out. Even my dad was impressed with my resume. Thank you so much!

Amanda Rolan