Testimonials From Mentors

Forming the Leaders of Tomorrow

I’ve found it to be extremely rewarding to be able to give back and to share my experience with the interns. These are motivated young adults looking to have a positive impact on society. I’m blessed to have this opportunity to help guide them and keep them grounded and confident as they venture through the next phase of their personal growth and development.

Mark Tabak – Financial Advisor | Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

The internship program is a terrific program for the mentors, as well as the college students.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with three mentees in C-Legs’ inaugural year for females.  It is usually a big leap from a part-time job in high school to a professional environment, so it was especially gratifying to see the growth in these young ladies in a relatively short period of time.  I found the one-on-one meeting was an effective way to convey “how to” suggestions regarding interviewing skills, office etiquette, professional dress and follow-up methods.  In short, it was a gift for me to share my experiences with these young adults!

Susie Madda

I’ve served as a mentor for 5 years.  These future leaders are inspiring to interact with and find myself looking forward to my interactions with them each year.  I find it gratifying that these young adults are ready to learn from my experiences, and I can assure you that I take away more than I give each year.

Vince Koehler – Marketing Practice Leader at SBI

This will be my eighth or ninth summer mentoring these phenomenal interns and been such a blessing.  I find myself helping them connect their faith with their work, but so many times, I am finding that my advice is applicable to me, too.   In helping them see the value of practicing the virtues at work, I myself, am reminded that I need to do the same.

Matt Lipscomb – Ashford Advisors

Our son-in-law was in the C-Legs program a few years ago and now works for a leading consulting company in Manhattan, so I know the program works. I was thrilled when it expanded to include young women and eagerly look forward to helping them, one on one, to become business leaders of integrity. Very honored to be working with such a stellar program.

Beth Howard – Inspired EdSourcing, LLC

I have been a Mentor for five years in the C-Legs program and I have found it to me very rewarding. There have certainly been discussions about business, internships, resumes, as well as interview techniques, but also about relationships, marriage, family life, and the Priestly vocation within our homes as fathers. I always tell my mentees that their parents are their go to people on all topics, but it has been rewarding to talk to young men about these various topics!

Mark Doxtader

It was an outstanding opportunity to serve and give back. It was a great change to see the world anew in a new generations eyes.

Robert Bruckner – Senior Vice President at MetroTech Net (IntelliSection)

John Paul Metz was a pleasure to work with. I saw him improve his resume and interview skills through this program.

John Petros – Professor of Urology at Emory University

I’ve been involved with C-Legs in one way or another for more than 5 years.  I think it is a terrific idea and a great opportunity to help build and shape tomorrow’s Christian leaders.  The combination of work experience and training, built on a foundation of faith and coupled with the opportunity to interact with other business leaders provides the participants with a fantastic jump-start to their careers.  The growth in the interns is clear to see and their skill set is highly valued by employers.

David Guhde – Senior Director at Bank of New York Mellon

I’ve been impressed with the quality of the candidates that have taken part in the program. They are inquisitive, energetic and focused on learning the necessary skills to be tomorrow’s leader’s.

Tom Houlihan – State Farm Agent