Silent Retreat

Forming the Leaders of Tomorrow

The C-Legs Summer college internship program is more than just a series of exercises and events to prepare young professionals for a job. We also try to look at and develop the “whole” person. One of the ways in which we help form and develop the interns in our program is to offer a silent spiritual weekend retreat in mid December after they have finished their exams and before Christmas.

These retreats are led by a Catholic priest or a consecrated woman. The retreat involves a series of reflections, meditations, prayer, and spiritual practices that lead each student in developing a “Program of Life”. This Program of Life typically contains the fruit of internal discernment in the areas that are preventing the student from leading a holier and more fulfilling life. It also includes a series of steps to take in the coming year to orient themselves more intimately with God’s will for them. (Note: you do not have to be Catholic to participate in this retreat.)

Another distinguishing feature of these retreats is that they are silent. The student is encouraged to reflect and conduct the exercises with an interior dialogue aimed at God.

Many interns consider these retreats to be the highlight of their experience with the C-Legs Summer college internship program.

Women’s Retreat 2022
Men’s Retreat 2022