Summer Convention

Forming the Leaders of Tomorrow

All work and no play makes for a dull intern. What the program offers to help keep our interns well-rounded is a summer convention.

Now, these conventions are not like the boring conventions that you may think of in terms of professional associates gathering together at a downtown venue. Instead, our conventions are held at a mountain house or additional venues over a four-day weekend of fun and fellowship – usually from Thursday to Sunday.

The schedule of activities for a convention are varied but they include a combination of spiritual, human, social, and intellectual activities. Interns relax and have fun with sports and enjoying the outdoors, they hold interactive faith group discussions, and they attend Holy Mass each day.  For those who are Catholic, there is the opportunity for confession as well.

This intense and relaxed event is a standout event in the C-Legs summer internship program. It combines all of the dimensions of our lives – the human, the intellectual, the religious, and the professional.

Mass in the Mountains
Hike up Sharptop Mountain
Guest Speakers during Convention
Time with Jesus
Joyful Hearts
Focusing on the priorities